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When parking on the street
  • Choose an area that is monitored, busy, and lit to rule out the potential attacking.

  • Do not leave any valuables in the car.

  • Put the children in the car from the pavement.

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When parking in a car park
  1. Slow down and make sure there is adequate distance between your vehicle and other vehicles.

  2. Turn the rearview mirrors to night mode in order to reduce the glare from other lights.

  3. Keep the headlights clean and aim at the coming vehicles.

  4. Avoid directly staring at the headlights to prevent blindness.

  5. Avoid using a high beam if you're within the city.

When you are approaching your car
  1. Check the car and its surroundings, especially the back seats, to know if there are any intruders.

  2. If it is dark, get in quickly and lock the doors.

  3. In winter, carry a can of the scraper of de-icer in the car so that you won't have to spend access time in scrapping the windows.

Fuel Saving Tips
fuel saving.jpg
  1. Make sure the cold tire pressure is accurate.

  2. Inflated tires can add up to 10% to the fuel tire. Replace them.

  3. Check the manual for recommended tire pressure.

  4. Maximize the top gear use and run the vehicle between 50-55 kmph.

  5. Use the gear shift indicator to know the recommended gear for the current speed.

  6. Avoid idling, as every three minutes will make you lose one kilometer of travel.

  7. Avoid sudden acceleration and sudden braking.

  8. Avoid resting the foot on the clutch pedal, as it might cause clutch slippage leading to higher fuel consumption.

  9. Get your car regularly serviced and properly tuned.

  10. Check brakes for dragging, and if they are dragged, get them repaired.

  11. Avoid using poor quality fuel as they damage the engine and its components.

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