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Seat Belts
  1. Seat Belts become effective when they're in the upright position

  2. Do not wear a twisted seat belt

  3. Do not wear a shoulder belt behind your back or under the arm.

  4. Don't let the passengers change the seats when you're on the move. 

  5. Replace the assembly after you have worn in it in a severe impact situation even when there is no evident damage. 

  6. Every person in the vehicle should be equipped with a seat belt.

  7. Don't hold a child in the lap or arms while riding a vehicle.

  8. One seat belt can cater to one occupant.

  9. Don't use accessories or modify seats and seat belts.

  1. Get your car checked and serviced at the nearest Dealership center.

  2. Get the cables and battery double-checked. If you have an old/problematic batter, get a new one.

  3. Check the fuel system to see if there are any leaks/clogs.

  4. Clean the cleaners, including the strainer, the fuel filter, the sediment bowl, the breather cap, and the air cleaner.

  5. Check and replace the oil filter. Carry an extra can of oil.

  6. Replace the spongy pipes if they're worn on the inside.

  7. Carry additional hose pipes and clamps.

  8. Get the clutch and breaks adjusted.

  9. Check the wheel alignment and adjust it properly to reduce the tire wear.

  10. Make sure that the tires are inflated.

  11. Carry a First Aid Kid to handle mishaps.

Long Trips
Spare Tires
  1. Find the plastic hex bolt cover and the tailgate, followed by removing the cover.

  2. Use the wheel brace to loosen the bolt.

  3. Turn the brace counterclockwise until the spare touches the ground. 

  4. Continue with the turning and draw the spare tire, outside

  5. Don't rotate the wheel brace extensively

  6. Remove the retainer from the center of the new tire. 

Supplemental Restraint System
  1. Even with airbags, you and the passengers should wear the provided safety belts. 

  2. To avoid severe airbag injuries, sit distant from the steering wheel while having total control of the vehicle. 

  3. Your chest should be 10 inches away from the wheel.

  4. Airbags can only be used once. 

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